To you food is more important than just sustenance and pleasure. A great meal is art that brings people together. You might have worked in a tavern, a bakery, a personal chef to a noble family, or within a military unit as they marched to war. Something called you away from the kitchen, but you still take pride in the craft.

Tool Proficiencies: Any food-related set of artisan’s tools
Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion
Languages: One language of your choice
Starting Equipment: A set of common clothes, a set of artisan’s tools related to your craft, an iron pot, a book of recipes you’ve gathered over the years, and a belt/ingredient pouch with 10 gp.

Feature: Through Their Stomachs
You are able to earn a comfortable living during your downtime by working. At the same time, you are able to feed your adventuring companions modest meals each day for free. You are able to use your talents to arrange meetings with anyone interested in a free meal, or adventurous cuisine.

d8 Personality Traits
1. When I eat anything I critique the dish aloud.
2. I multitask very well.
3. I make non-verbal noises that indicate my mood while I eat.
4. If insulted I hurl even greater insults back.
5. I like to take my time when I eat – even if we’re in a rush.
6. I try to keep my things as clean as possible.
7. I am constantly on the lookout for new and exotic ingredients.
8. I let other know I expect others to work as hard as I do – even if I’m not working very hard.

d6 Ideals
1. Creativity. I don’t follow a recipe. I improvise! (Chaotic)
2. Knowledge. I want to learn everything I can about other culture’s food. (Neutral)
3. Hierarchy. I listen to those above me and expect those below me to take orders. (Lawful)
4. Generosity. Everything I cook is for others to enjoy. (Good).
5. Community. I feed the people who feed me. (Neutral)
6. Fame. I will be known across the land for my food – no matter the costs. (Evil)

d6 Bonds
1. My grandmother had a secret recipe I’m trying to duplicate or improve upon.
2. There’s a world famous chef I respect above all others.
3. I’m putting all the recipes I’ve gathered in a book.
4. There is no food like my place of birth’s signature dish.
5. I still use the complex techniques of my mentor, even if the dish is simple.
6. I always have some of my favorite herbs and spices on hand to liven up any dish.

d6 Flaws
1. I’d rather eat nothing that something bad.
2. I am easily pulled into competition.
3. I try to take charge in situations when someone else is the clear leader.
4. When I am physically uncomfortable, I complain. A lot.
5. Frivolity is a waste of time.
6. I have a hard time trusting others with tasks.


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