Peacock Throne

Government of Zakhara

Zakhara is ruled by the whoever sits on the Peacock Throne of the city of Kodeth. The current occupant of the Peacock Throne is Queen Deyane Verix Hazeda, a young woman of only nineteen who has ruled for four years. Most of Kodethi’s educated classes understand that she is merely a figurehead, but even so, rumors swirl constantly about the lords and princes who entertain designs on the throne.

The traditional symbol of rulership over Kodeth is the Peacock Throne. In ancient times, the city’s monarch wielded absolute power over the city, and therefore the edicts and judgments rendered from the throne were beyond question. Over the centuries, the kings and queens of Kodeth took less interest in administering their domain and turned over the more tedious duties to a court full of advisors and officials.

The ruling monarch rarely takes a direct hand in day-to-day matters, but high officials with the authority of the throne are acting in his or her place. Queen Deyane is rarely seen by her subjects, and is surrounded by powerful officials and influential nobles who carefully guide her rule. The real power controlling the Peacock Throne is the Royal Council , a group of six important officials and nobles who are too powerful to be dismissed or ignored. Collectively, the Council controls the city’s courts, armies, officials, and access to the Queen.

Major Cities of the Peacock Throne


Peacock Throne

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